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About Me

“In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised”.  Well it’s kinda true 

Completely blindsided with the news my position had been eliminated at my j-o-b ( journey of the broke) .  I was able to rehire in at lesser ...everything. Oh, ok thanks.  In hindsight it was a mistake, or was it?  

I used my free time to go back to school. I needed to fine tune my self-taught skills in holistic wellness. I am a firm believer in alternative healing, so herbs and essential oils are very much part of my life.  I'm working on my plant knowledge.  I find it fascinating how much these green plants can do.  I received certifications in urban farming, holistic nutrition, and life coaching through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Arizona. I've also competed a course at the Herbal Academy.

So now I've got my little urban farm which started in jars literally, I am a work in progress with eating soul foods (seasonal, organic, unprocessed and or local)  it's not easy. So much info on herbs and healing art therapies dancing in my head and notebooks. It was all so inspiring. Non toxic Self care products with herbs and oils. Oh my.  Adding in my recycled art, I feel new beginnings. Completly unfocused I cannot figure out how to put it all together. 

 I still have to finish one course. 

 Life coaching, ugh what is this mumbo jumbo?  I am so glad it was part of my certifications.  Seriously so glad! it has changed my thinking towards so many things. I handle things a lot differently now and I am getting those stressors down. I look at life decisions in a whole new way.  Where has this been all of my life  ha ha.  I offer mini sessions to work with me and I can help you find your way also.  I want to help you create.  To find your passion.  

Now that I've left that j-o-b.  I still have thoughts about what I felt was a untimely event.   

Or was it?   

This is no little house on the prairie, more like an episode of Bill Nye the science guy .  I'm working on the  non toxic, chemical free- ish , unprocessed things that come into our home. It  has been rewarding.  It helps too if it's recycled and pretty.  We are working on simplicity. For the most part though I'm creating.  Maybe its writing, tomorrow art, Saturday it could be herbal infusions.  I know in my soul I need to create to be me.  I'm figuring out how to shine in my own life and I can help you too.    

Thank you for your part in this whether we work together or not, we connected for a reason, what that is, no one knows.  I do hope you empower yourself to act on your dreams.  

~ Angela 

"Green Soul Wellness is a small woman owned operation run by Angela Harrington in Flint Michigan. She sells her handcrafted items at events, fairs, retail establishments and on-line venues.  Someday her gypsy soul may settle into a 9-5 space

 -- ahh probably not."