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Work with Me

  • Oily Lessons 
I have had a lot of interest in the benefits of oils lately. While I love to give out as much free info as I can I just cant do it 24-7 so I decided I would offer these mini consults 30 minutes for $10 and a written write up/ how to will be emailed to you.  If you decide to purchase any of the oils off my affiliate site I will gift you 10% off

​     Who’s ready to talk oils?
l have the weekly consults in my practice this is just the mini version

  • Awaken & Align 

This is perfect for women looking to uncover their truths and confidently infuse everything they are into their lives. 

We dig deep into those personal and professional spots where things feel out of alignment. Coaching is targeted specifically to your needs. You will set the stage for the growth journey you are ready to embark on.  

Together we find that place where you step into your joy and your life truely resonates and flows. 

45 minute coaching calls 4x a month 

vision planning guide 

Custom journal prompts. 

Unimited email ( whatever platform your prefer such as facebook messenger) during our time together. 

Investment in you  $327.00 a month.