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Every ingredient has a purpose. 

  • What is it?
  • What does it do? 
  • There are no fillers  or fluff.  
It's that simple. 

I cannot guarantee that every ingredient will work for every person. Our bodies are unique and we each respond differently.  Every product has ingredients listed on the product page and each individual product that you will receive.  

my lip balms rock. I use beeswax that creates a smooth protective layer that prevents evaporation and promotes absorbtion from the rich organic oils. Your gonna love them.

A few of my favorite ingredients: 

White Willow Bark Ginger Turmeric Poppy Seeds Coco butter: improves elasticity and reduces dryness  

Shea butter: Has a high vitamin and mineral content and benefits dry skin. 

Mango butter: MOISTURE  oh lordy the moisture that mango butter provides to our skin is ... wow 

Vitamin E is in most if not all products. WHY? because of sticky icky monsters that silently invade my awesome creations. that's why!  Seriously though. Shelf life matters. Basically any product that is exposed to water can breed bacteria. Once you recieve, say a body scrub, although I don't add water to it, your shower might. Vitamin E to the rescue incase that happens.  

Essential oils - too many to name. I love my oils. No synthetic fragrences here these are natural scents that come from flowers, bark, seeds, roots and stems and other parts of plants. 

Plants & Herbs that I grow myself, I know crazy right.  

Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in Vitamin A and high in fatty acids. Softens and smooths skin. 

Disclaimer: I do not recommend that individuals avoid conventional medical treatments. I am here to help and inspire you through creative holistic teachings.  The information, products, and resources I offer are for educational and informational purposes only. My products are not meant to treat or diagnose any condition nor is it a substitute for medical treatments.