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Saturday Spotlight

Who wants to be part of the saturday spotlight? 

What is it you ask?  I'm featuring a person who is literally living their dream.  The it, the why, the  I finally figured it out and I'm doing it person.  Criteria is 

  • Must be something creative. could be artsy, could be musical, could be healing related. 
  • Think about it What did you craft in your life today 
  • holistic inspired 

I'm still kinda working on this but these are my ideas...????? 

  Are you that person? 

I'm going to start this the last saturday in December.  so and I've gotta figure out a google doc or something but for now you could messsage me at mheartworks@gmail.com  send me a brief intro to you and a photo and I'll blast ya on my instagram and feature you here.